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Like many people, we too are visual learners. That’s why we believe in creating toolkits and guides that cut across language to grow awareness and understanding. We do this in beautiful ways by partnering with local artists, designers, and writers who use their art to help tell a story.

Our resources include:

  • The C19 Response Coalition grew out of a collaboration with multiple community partners during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia between March to July 2020. Coalition members worked together on a community response project to equip Vietnamese, Filipinx, and Chinese communities marginalized through race, language, and income with the tools to navigate the abundance of COVID-19 information in a media and communications landscape that does not always reflect the diverse lived experiences of its consumers.
  • Our Seasonal Choi Guide and Choi Identification Guide help grocery shoppers find their way around Chinese greens and vegetables to buy local and support neighbourhood greengrocers. Looking to grow some Choi? Our Sprouting Choi Guide is great for beginners.
  • Our Chinatown food guides will help you access the best that the neighbourhood has to offer. Don’t know where to go for lunch, which dry goods to select for making a healing soup, or where to pick up steam buns? We’ve got you covered. Try ordering in Cantonese while you are at it—our guides are multilingual and they include phonetic pronunciations.
  • The Grocery Delivery Program – Project Documentation / Resource Guide was created as a way to share the processes and reflections behind the development and operations of the Chinatown Cares Grocery Delivery Program. This resource guide provides the frameworks used to build a scalable, adaptive, and sustainable centralized goods distribution program.
  • Our library of educational materials


Hua foundation centres our work around youth empowerment. As youth working, living, growing, and playing in Vancouver’s Chinatown, we pave our own pathways with the knowledge and traditions we have learned from our ancestors. We take this empowerment-based approach to engaging youth. We reach them through our vast network, and we respect their time, thoughtfulness, and expertise as we would anyone else.

See our youth engagement work in:


We get to witness the sights and sounds in Vancouver’s Chinatown every day, from the vibrancy of the busy streets to our interactions with business owners. This community lives and breathes with its own nuances and dynamics, and we bring this understanding and reverence into the way we design and approach engaging with them.

See our community engagement work in:


We have been tapped on the shoulder to speak to a variety of audiences in different settings. We draw on our research and work experience to present in boardrooms, in lecture halls, at conferences, on podcasts.We tailor our presentations to audiences including government, youth, academics, and professionals. We love talking about Chinatown and our experiences in the community, food and race, and everything around it.

Our previous speaking engagements include:

  • Youth Funders Summit Conference put on by the Vancouver Foundation and The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
  • The SFU City Program
  • City of Vancouver Food Policy Council and City Council

We offer historic walking tours of Vancouver’s Chinatown created by and cognizant of the community. These tours can be designed based on the issue or interest in mind, from food, to local business, to history. We offer tours to groups of all kinds, for 8-10 people at a time.

We have previously organized a walking tour for conference participants attending a Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association event, and connected participants with business owners and stakeholders in the community.

Past clients include Vancouver Foundation, City of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Oregon State University, and the Indian Summer Festival.