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Your voice matters. Together, we can build a more inclusive reality in which diverse lived experiences are affirmed, valued, and amplified.

Your support builds more diverse and resilient communities.

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Since launching in 2013, we’ve sparked opportunities for racialized youth to create positive social change in their communities.

Because of supporters like you, hua foundation now has a seat at the table in our local landscape for systems change, racial equity, and progressive civic engagement.

We’re investing in the next generation because we believe in the wisdom of young people to drive us forward towards a bright, equitable future.

Join us in this work.

A movement that’s truly diverse
and community-driven is possible.

With your help, you can empower more youth
to participate in social change.

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Hua foundation is not a registered charity (we are a not-for-profit society), but we are also a program of a charity, The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius).

Donate to hua foundation through our dedicated CanadaHelps page:

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Hua foundation is a registered not-for-profit society. Your donations directly fund our work towards systems change. 

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Hua foundation opened its doors in 2013. If you would like to help us carry on this work for years to come by making a special gift, please contact us at Our team members would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how you can support our work.

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