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In 2016, hua foundation and Ocean Wise collaborated on a Chinese restaurant-focused project to increase access to local and sustainable food in the Chinese food distribution system. The result was a resource called the “HOW Guide to Sustainable-Focused Menus.”

Hua x Oceanwise guide graphic

By highlighting local, sustainable options for culturally appropriate food, the guide aimed to create solutions for the missed opportunities for local food systems—namely ethnocultural food systems and mainstream ones— to work together. For over eight decades, a local food system of East Asian diasporic farmers, food producers, and greengrocers has been operating in parallel to Vancouver’s  conventional food system with little crossover between business networks. The Oceanwise and hua collaboration worked at bringing those two systems in closer contact with each other.

Through this collaboration, we hoped to capture the missed opportunities for our local food systems to work together and celebrate Vancouver’s famously diverse food scene through highlighting local and sustainable options.