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Working with residents, business owners, and community members requires an understanding of past and current policies and structures that have shaped Chinatown into the nuanced and resilient community it is today. As members of the community, we take this systems lens into all consulting work we do, and we take a research evidence-based approach in the recommendations we share.

Hua foundation applies an aerial view and intersectional analysis framework to the policy work we do. We know that issues are interconnected, and there are existing and long-standing structures in place that have led to some of the societal outcomes policies are trying to support and improve. We know change doesn’t happen overnight, and we apply our research and engagement design and delivery methods to provide sound policy analysis and recommendations looking at roots of the issues.

We have brought our policy expertise to the following tables:

  • Our seat on the Chinatown Legacy Stewardship Group
  • Our work with Resilience BC’s Anti-Racism Network
  • Our work with the City of Vancouver’s Equity Framework Advisory Committee 
  • Our equity review of City of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan
  • Our former seat on the City of Vancouver’s Food Policy Council
  • Our former seat on the North East False Creek Planning Committee
  • Our former seat on the City of Vancouver’s Climate and Equity Working Group

Information is power, and we believe in translation to involve multilingual communities in events, activities, and issues that impact them. Translation equity looks like: making accessible for people to understand the flow of information out, the input going in, and the dialogue in between. It also means taking the responsibility to translate both pertinent details and the nuances.

We can offer translation and interpretation services for your projects, specializing particularly in social and colloquial terms that our community and its various literacies can understand.

Our multilingual resources include:

  • Our work organizing the C19 Response Coalition, a community response project to equip ethno-cultural communities marginalized through race, language, and income with the tools to navigate the abundance of COVID-19 information in a media and communications landscape that does not always reflect the diverse lived experiences of its consumers. The project also spurred on a multilingual translation initiative with Vancity, ensuring that government financial supports and the application processes were accessible to non-English language communities.
  • Our collaboration with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, where we worked to identify cultural literacy gaps and advised on how to make the Food Bank’s spaces more welcoming, safe, and inclusive of those experiencing language and cultural barriers. We also provided support with in-person and at-large translation services. We worked alongside Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice to amplify the voices of Chinese-speaking members at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.
  • Our Seasonal Choi Guide and Choi Identification Guide help grocery shoppers find their way around Chinese greens and vegetables to buy local and support neighbourhood greengrocers. Looking to grow some Choi? Our Sprouting Choi Growing Guide is great for beginners.

We believe engaging with business in Chinatown takes a relationship-based and multilingual approach. Hua foundation has worked at sustaining our local businesses, and we embody this approach in reaching and including their voices in projects with social and economic impacts.

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