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Shark Truth was the flagship project whose momentum, community of practice, and people eventually came together to found hua foundation.

Shark Truth was founded in 2009 by hua foundation’s co-founder Claudia Li. It was a program dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and action for shark conservation with a specific focus on the cross-cultural aspect of shark conservation. It aimed to shift the conversation happening around shark fin soup, a culturally significant soup served at weddings and special celebrations in Chinese culture.

Through unique campaigns like the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest, we saved nearly 8,000 sharks from being eaten by diverting over 80,000 bowls of shark fin from consumption.

We wanted to balance aspects of our cultural heritage with our passion for environmental sustainability. Shark Truth was unique in that it aimed to meet people where they were and, in so doing, to shift societal narratives and beliefs.

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