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Choi means “vegetables” in Cantonese, but it means so much more to us. The Choi Project was a signature project of hua foundation from 2013 to 2018, and now continues through ongoing programming like our community supported agriculture program, resource guides, and occasional cooking workshops. From its earliest days, The Choi Project embodied our approach to bridging cultural heritage and social change, two worlds that many of us inhabit simultaneously but which are sometimes, in our experiences, separate from one another. The Choi Project took flight with goals to put healthy, local, real food back on the Chinese dinner table. The vital communities of care, connection, and shared delight that grew out of The Choi Project’s programs set the tone for our current work.

The Choi Project encompassed cross-cultural food literacy tools, growing and cooking workshops, sharing histories and stories, and policy development. 

We continue to do this work to make sure that our communities’ way of life around food can be recognized, fostered, and shared.

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