Asian Community Convener (ACC) Project

Asian Community Convener (ACC) Project

As an organization who has been working to advance racial equity in the Asian diasporic community for nearly 10 years, we have observed the many differing ways that anti-racism is defined by people in our communities. We have also observed how there are multiple paths on this learning journey as a team of young Asians-Canadians, who have each gone through differing yet parallel journeys coming to terms with our identities and migration histories. We aim to understand the contrasting ways that anti-racism is defined and worked on, in order to support, address it, and build long term capacity for anti-racism work in Asian communities. 

The Asian Community Convener project, along with the Black and Interfaith Community Convener projects, were established by the British Columbia Multiculturalism branch, which reports to the Ministry of Attorney General to support general coordination on racism and hate on behalf of our communities. We as community converners have joined the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network ( The project is provincially (British Columbia) focused.

Project Philosophy

Our project will focus on establishing a baseline understanding of where and how anti-racism work is being advanced by Asian community organizations towards long term systemic change. We plan to do this in a series of stages. We will start by establishing connections and relationships with Asian organizations who do anti-racism work, both with long-time collaborators and new relations. By acting as convener and knowledge mobilizer,  we will work with groups to ensure there is less replication of work, and to facilitate community collaboration on projects. This also means that we meet people where they are at, at every step of the process, as we move from white-centering forms of anti-racism towards systemic change and justice. Where possible, we want to support the community capacity of this sector. We believe that a resilient and collaboratve network of anti-racist organizations is essential in addressing systemic racism. 

Project Deliverables

Project deliverables include an internal database of Asian organizations who do anti-racism work, one or two events that bring together these groups on special interest topics and to foster collaboration, and a report that outlines the different approaches that these groups take to address anti-racism. This report will also include recommendations on next steps to take to continue building community capacity on anti-racism. 

Project Futures

The project we are undertaking is informed by our experience working with a systems change framework. We see our report and database as an important foundation for future, collective, anti-racism efforts. For example, the findings will support the measurement of progress and evaluate the effectiveness of actions over time. This baseline developed through this first year will also inform government, funders, institutions and other stakeholders on identifying how to strategically further anti-racism work in and with Asian communities.

Project Staff

Kimberley Wong, Project Manager

Kevin Huang, Executive Director of hua foundation

Official Partners TBA

For more information, please visit the Government BC website here. Requests for information, clarification or questions should be directed in writing to the Resilience BC team at


What are you doing to address the immediate anti-Asian racism that people are facing?

Right now, we occupy the role of relaying information from community organizations who do this work, onto those who are in need of it. This includes redirecting people to hate crime reporting phone lines, staying in touch with the government on immediate programs and actions to address anti-Asian racism, and more.

We are also supporting the building of capacity for some organizations who are doing this immediate work. Activities by these groups include hosting bystander trainings, advocating for language access, and mobilization of information into communities.

Can I report a hate crime to you?

No. We are not trained to intake the reporting of hate crimes, nor are we equipped to handle the emotional distress that can often come with being the victim of hate crimes. 

Will your final report be released publicly?

The release of our final report will depend solely on the decisions of the Ministry. 

What will community organizations who partner or participate in your project receive?

We have a small budget for honorariums in exchange for participation. The network of organizations will also gain access to the database of Asian organizations. 

What anti-racism legislation or reporting phone lines exist? 

Parliamentary Secretary Rachna Singh is meeting with community organizations who do anti-racism work in BC to develop this anti-racism legislation currently. The Resilience BC Team are working on releasing a Racist Incidents Hotline in the coming months. 

How do we contact you? If you would like to participate in this project via an interview with us, you can fill out this form and we will be in touch within one week’s time. You can direct specific questions about this community convener project to our Project Manager at Requests for information, clarification or questions about this grant funding should be directed in writing to the Resilience BC team at

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